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Expanding interests demand rebranding…

I started this website in my undergrad mid-college career when I first got introduced to the ARM7TDMI architecture. Since that time my interests in embedded development has exploded. As time progressed I have grown as an engineering student and so has my interests. So I feel that the title of ‘armjunkie’ is too constraining for what I really like. Electronics, MCUs, robotics, CNCs, 3D modeling, circuit design, embedded systems, etc…

So, as such, its time to rebrand as I’m sure this will change in the future as I keep developing as an engineer. We should not fear change, but embrace it!


Breaking News

Good, news everyone! Yes, you just read that as Professor Farnsworth. I made my first big purchase. Although its not entirely a shocking surprise, it’s a surprise nonetheless. Stay tuned for more info. 🙂



So my small stint as a part-time engineer has ended. I have accepted a job offer to work in the embedded field as a Software Engineer. This is fantastic news and I recognize how truly fortunate I am considering this economy. The new flow of monies into my account should allow me to further my projects very nicely. It’s been a crazy mixed-up journey so far, but it appears to have only just begun. No telling where I’m headed but lets see what develops along the way. 🙂