Getting Started

Prereqs: Any Microcontroller

This site is intended for people with some microcontroller background. Before I started to program the ‘ARM’ I had two semesters of 8051 courses. If you want the quick way out, read this book, buy an 8051 dev board, and come back in about a month. I’ll wait… okay, done? Good, glad to have you back. Now lets move on.

8051 Crash Course

Integrated Development Environment of choice: Keil uVision 3 V3.50

I used ‘keil’ because it was availabe in our school’s computer labs and because it had everything a student could desire. If you use my code on any other compiler just make sure to check for keil specific tweaks I may have added in.


ARM Development Board: Olimex LPC-P2148

Which can be bought here. It appears rather expensive (at $76.95), but keep in mind I’m used to spending over a hundred dollars on less powerful boards. Overall a great board.


Chip Programming Utility: Flash Magic from NXP (Philips)

Nothing to say here, just use it.


Serial to USB adapter: This one.

If you have your own, good. If not, get this one. It works, enough said.



You should have copies of the following documents  saved to your hard drive. They will be extremely helpful.

… Okay, I believe that is all the info you need to get started on your first simple lab.