Upgraded Stepper Motors

So I recently got around to replacing the original stepper motors on my Thing-O-Matic with “upgraded” motors. So far so good. My first test prints were of a Stormtrooper helmet. I still haven’t worked the motors hard enough to see any improvements but I’ll get around to that eventually.

Copper Electroplated Darth Vader 3D Print

Copper Darth Vader

Here you have it, folks! I successfully electroplated a 3D ABS plastic print with copper. Its my first attempt and I’m  rather pleased. I’ll have to keep tweaking my setup until my results improve and then finally I’ll plate with nickel. So far, Darth Vader is looking very stylish. Onward and upward!


This print took 14.5 hours to complete. The print had minor flaws but overall impressive print. A new duration record has been reached on my 3D Printer. 🙂 Click below for the image gallery.

3 Weeks of Summer to Tinker

My internship is ending and school doesn’t start until the end of August. That gives me 3 weeks to live it up before I’m back to the grind. With that precious free time, I’m currently considering taking up several personal projects. One very likely candidate is experimenting with DIY 3D laser scanning. The goal I set forth for my self is simple: Scan a real-world object and print it out on my 3D printer. Let’s see how far I get…

Man–Machine Interface (Gen4 Interface for Thing-O-Matic)

Gen4 Interface

Gen4 Interface

1. Makerbot created a MMI unit for the thing-o-matic to allow PC-Less control…(print, jog, calibrate)
2. Makerbot stopped selling MMI kit.
3. Files were open-source.
4. Access to the design files means you can build it your self instead.
5. Profit?!?!?
6. I now have a MMI unit for my Thing-o-matic. 🙂

This is a prime example of the power of Open Source Hardware. I created my own Gen4 Interface for a Thing-O-Matic printer when the company decided to stop selling the units.

Pimp My Makerbot

Finally decided to relax after Finals and hand paint my Makerbot Thing-O-Matic 3D printer. Very therapeutic. Click through the image gallery.