First month of full-time employment, post grad school


Life is starting to settle down a bit. It’s my first month anniversary at my new job already. That went by quick. I’m slowly learning to organize my work life and home life to allow for some hobby and project time. I even started to play PC games again. For the first time in a long time, things are swell. I’m happy where I am in life right now but more importantly I’m excited where my life is headed.

I’m currently dividing up my time in different areas. I’m reading about Linux Device Drivers. I’m teaching myself Blender 3D modeling. I’m going to dedicate more time to my blog and plan for a video blog in the next year. I’ve made the decision to purchase and build a new 3D printer. Finally, I’m continuing to work on creating a 3D scanning setup.

This is looking to be an interesting year with a lot of excitement. I look forward to new developments.

Back to school, again

So the Spring 2012 semester has kicked up and so far it seems manageable (knock on wood). Let’s hope the stress levels are maintained low and I get some time to work on my side projects. 🙂

Expanding interests demand rebranding…

I started this website in my undergrad mid-college career when I first got introduced to the ARM7TDMI architecture. Since that time my interests in embedded development has exploded. As time progressed I have grown as an engineering student and so has my interests. So I feel that the title of ‘armjunkie’ is too constraining for what I really like. Electronics, MCUs, robotics, CNCs, 3D modeling, circuit design, embedded systems, etc…

So, as such, its time to rebrand as I’m sure this will change in the future as I keep developing as an engineer. We should not fear change, but embrace it!


Breaking News

Good, news everyone! Yes, you just read that as Professor Farnsworth. I made my first big purchase. Although its not entirely a shocking surprise, it’s a surprise nonetheless. Stay tuned for more info. 🙂



So my small stint as a part-time engineer has ended. I have accepted a job offer to work in the embedded field as a Software Engineer. This is fantastic news and I recognize how truly fortunate I am considering this economy. The new flow of monies into my account should allow me to further my projects very nicely. It’s been a crazy mixed-up journey so far, but it appears to have only just begun. No telling where I’m headed but lets see what develops along the way. 🙂


So I didn’t win any CupCake CNC 3d printer. DRATS! I’ve also hit a financial wall regarding a new CNC rebuild. My choices are to keep funneling money into a CNC rebuild or save that money up and purchase a CupCake CNC printer to get back on track with my robot hand. I’ll be doing an inventory of my most expensive items I can part with to raise funds. Funny how the times in life when I’ve had the most money I had the least amount of free time and how now its the opposite.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep fine tuning my CNC machine in the virtual world.

Summer Internship at UCLA

So I’m placing a lot of my projects on hold, including the robotic hand. I’m learning a ton of great things here at UCLA. Don’t fret, technology is a dark and twisted mistress. I will be back and working on my side projects when I can find the spare time. 🙂


School is back in session

Again, sorry for the delays. I had some family matters that needed my immediate attention. But now school is back in session and I finally have structure back in my life. I’m still planing to release a video tutorial of serial communication soon. Just as soon as I figure out the best way to do it.