Upgraded Stepper Motors

So I recently got around to replacing the original stepper motors on my Thing-O-Matic with “upgraded” motors. So far so good. My first test prints were of a Stormtrooper helmet. I still haven’t worked the motors hard enough to see any improvements but I’ll get around to that eventually.

Motorized Laser Line Pointer

I quickly prototyped a laser line pointer fixture to help with creating more accurate scans. The gears and housings are printed using a 3D printer. This, paired with a motorized rotating stand, will help automate the scanning process. I’m using DAVID 3D Scanner software to capture the scans. I will be using an Arduino to control the steppers. Upward and onward!

Stepper Motor Stockpile

Stepper Motors

So, I’ve been busy stockpiling a massive collection of stepper motors. These have mostly been dug out of old dot matrix printers and laboratory equipment (dumpster diving, LOL). I’ve been able to test the small and medium motors with just a ULN2003A chip but the bigger ones need heavier duty circuitry. My collection is nearly complete. What will I do with these motors? ….. some kind of 3d printer :).