What are you up to now?

3D Printed Minion
3D Printed Minion

Err… lots of things. Mostly though, I’ve been getting better with Blender. I’m really starting to understand the tools and features of the program. Right now I’m practicing mesh editing a Minion model. I plan to reverse engineer the STL file into Blender shapes to create variations of the original. I’ll upload and release them shortly.

Upgraded Stepper Motors

So I recently got around to replacing the original stepper motors on my Thing-O-Matic with “upgraded” motors. So far so good. My first test prints were of a Stormtrooper helmet. I still haven’t worked the motors hard enough to see any improvements but I’ll get around to that eventually.

Blender for 3D Printing


One of the items occupying my free time has been learning to model in Blender for use in 3D printing. I purchased this training DVD as a way to dive into Blender. So far it has been very helpful. It covers most of the basics and does a swell job of exploring the new Blender 3D Printing tools. For more comprehensive modeling tutorials check out their other training DVDs.

First month of full-time employment, post grad school


Life is starting to settle down a bit. It’s my first month anniversary at my new job already. That went by quick. I’m slowly learning to organize my work life and home life to allow for some hobby and project time. I even started to play PC games again. For the first time in a long time, things are swell. I’m happy where I am in life right now but more importantly I’m excited where my life is headed.

I’m currently dividing up my time in different areas. I’m reading about Linux Device Drivers. I’m teaching myself Blender 3D modeling. I’m going to dedicate more time to my blog and plan for a video blog in the next year. I’ve made the decision to purchase and build a new 3D printer. Finally, I’m continuing to work on creating a 3D scanning setup.

This is looking to be an interesting year with a lot of excitement. I look forward to new developments.