Breaking News

Good, news everyone! Yes, you just read that as Professor Farnsworth. I made my first big purchase. Although its not entirely a shocking surprise, it’s a surprise nonetheless. Stay tuned for more info. 🙂



So my small stint as a part-time engineer has ended. I have accepted a job offer to work in the embedded field as a Software Engineer. This is fantastic news and I recognize how truly fortunate I am considering this economy. The new flow of monies into my account should allow me to further my projects very nicely. It’s been a crazy mixed-up journey so far, but it appears to have only just begun. No telling where I’m headed but lets see what develops along the way. 🙂


So I didn’t win any CupCake CNC 3d printer. DRATS! I’ve also hit a financial wall regarding a new CNC rebuild. My choices are to keep funneling money into a CNC rebuild or save that money up and purchase a CupCake CNC printer to get back on track with my robot hand. I’ll be doing an inventory of my most expensive items I can part with to raise funds. Funny how the times in life when I’ve had the most money I had the least amount of free time and how now its the opposite.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep fine tuning my CNC machine in the virtual world.

CNC Rebuild?

So I’ve gotten to the point where I’m happy with the initial design of my CNC project but desire far greater accuracy. My humble rickety design just isn’t cutting it for repeatable, accurate creations [pun intended]. I’m contemplating creating a sturdier frame out of light/medium gauge steel. I have access to an arc welder and even a MIG welder. I suppose learning to weld together a sturdy steel frame will come in handy for future large scale robotic projects. 🙂